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Law Revision

Our Concentrate revision and study guides and Concentrate Q&As are supported by a wealth of online resources to test and improve your understanding of the law. Thousands of law students are already making use of the revision resources to improve their chances of success. For a taster of the online resources which accompany the titles in our revision series follow the links below:

  • Listen to advice on revision and exam technique from renowned textbook author Nigel Foster: audio version
  • Unsure where you need to concentrate most? Try our Diagnostic Test to see which topics you know best and which might require extra study. This one comes from EU Law Concentrate but they are available across the series.
  • Understanding what the question is asking is key to answering it well. Each Concentrate Q&A has additional annotated questions with guidance answers. This one is taken from the Offer and acceptance chapter of the Concentrate Q&A Contract Law

Interested in seeing the online resources accompanying specific titles in these series? Go to the Concentrate & Concentrate Q&A homepages.