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Murray: Information Technology Law 3e

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  • Resources

    • Additional chapters

      Additional chapters on the digital public sphere and virtual environments

    • Flashcard glossary

      Key terms and concepts available in interactive flashcard format to test your understanding of IT Law

    • Audio updates

      Developments in the law since book publication; available as downloadable audio files

    • Outline answers to end-of-chapter questions

      Outline answers to all the end-of-chapter questions in the book

    • The IT Lawyer's blog

      Andrew Murray's blog containing all the latest news and discussions surrounding IT law

    • Web links

      Links to sites containing useful information related to IT law

    • Online lecture

      An audio lecture on the subject of data surveillance and its related issues

  • Blog article

  • In this article written for the OUPblog in January 2016 Professor Andrew Murray examines the key issues presented by the controversial Investigatory Powers Bill. In it Andrew Murray outlines the Bill's parameters and its potential impact on individuals and their personal data, considering the relationship between government and law enforcement services and questioning whether the powers themselves are proportionate for the security they intend to achieve.

    The original article may be read on the OUPblog, http://blog.oup.com/2016/01/surveillance-laws-investigatory-powers-bill/, and an expanded version is available here on the Online Resource Centre: