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Lloyd: Information Technology Law 7e

Web links

In the early days of the Internet a valued feature of web sites was the presentation of a list of links to sites specialising in particular topics. The emergence of search engines rendered such cataloguing largely redundant. The verb to ?Google? has entered the dictionaries.

In some ways, search engines have become too powerful and search requests can produce an avalanche of responses. What I will endeavour to do in this part of the site is to compile and develop a list of sites which I find useful. I?ll add to (and possibly delete) the sites over time and would very much appreciate any suggestions that you may have for inclusion in the list (please email: orc.help@oup.com with any suggestions). Inevitably, I come to the task from a UK background and I would particularly like to see references to materials from other jurisdictions.

There are the inevitable couple of caveats. I?m not going to deal with general web sites such as the British and Irish Legal Information Institute, www.bailii.org, which is a wonderful source of access to judicial decisions and much more. Second, web sites come and go and addresses change with even greater frequency. I?ll start this listing with just a few sites and will look to expand it. There will be a rolling review of sites to ensure their continuing accuracy and relevance but I?d welcome notes of any errors at any time. Finally, the sites listed are those which I have found useful ? even though sometimes their layout confuses me. I have no connection with any of the sites and any endorsements or criticisms are my own personal opinions.

Ian Lloyd

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