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Press: Intellectual Property Law Concentrate 3e

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Question 1

Chapter 2. Which of the following is not an example of a literary work?

Question 2

Chapter 2. The mental element in the case of the secondary infringing act of dealing with infringing copies (s. 23) requires:

Question 3

Chapter 3. Which of the following is true about the protection of databases under EU law:

Question 4

Chapter 3. Copyright in a database:

Question 5

Chapter 4. The Berne Convention Moral Rights

Question 6

Chapter 4. A false attribution as an author:

Question 7

Chapter 5. Which of the following statements about the right to equitable remuneration are true?

Question 8

Chapter 5. A performer's moral rights are infringed

Question 9

Chapter 6. An aspect of the House of Lords' reasoning in Douglas v Hello that has caused controversy is that they held

Question 10

Chapter 6. The duty of confidence is breached by

Question 11

Chapter 7. To apply for a patent, an inventor must:

Question 12

Chapter 7. Kirin-Amgen v Transkaryotic Therapies [2002]…

Question 13

Chapter 8. Which of these rights isn't generally regarded as part of designs law?

Question 14

Chapter 8. Which of the following statements about the duration of Design Right is the most accurate?

Question 15

Chapter 9. Which of the following signs are not "capable of graphical representation"?

Question 16

Chapter 9. Which of the following shape marks may be refused registration as a result of s. 3(2) TMA: