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Heenan & Heenan: Family Law Concentrate 4e

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Question 1

Chapter 1. Which of the following elements applies equally to marriages and civil partnerships?

Question 2

Chapter 1. True or false? Where parties have lived together for five years or have children together they may have a common law marriage which allows them property claims against one another in the event of their relationship breaking down.

Question 3

Chapter 2. On which of the following grounds could a marriage be voidable?

Question 4

Chapter 2. Which of the following would not allow a party to obtain a decree of nullity on the grounds of mistake?

Question 5

Chapter 3. True or false? In petitions based on desertion, where the parties resume living together for a period or periods totalling less than six months, this will not prevent the petitioner from relying on desertion.

Question 6

Chapter 3. Which of the following statements about judicial separation is untrue?

Question 7

Chapter 4. Which of the following are not associated persons within s 62(3) Family Law Act 1996?

Question 8

Chapter 4. Which of the following cannot apply for an occupation order under the Family Law Act 1996?

Question 9

Chapter 5. Which of the following is not an order that the court can make with regards to the parties' pensions?

Question 10

Chapter 5. Which of the following is not a statutory factor that a court will take into account in deciding on a financial award?

Question 11

Chapter 6. Which of the following does not result in the loss of parental responsibility?

Question 12

Chapter 6. True or false, domestic violence will always prevent a child arrangements order dealing with contact being made?

Question 13

Chapter 7. Which of the following is not a duty imposed on a local authority by the Children Act 1989 ("CA")?

Question 14

Chapter 7. Which of the following is not classed as a child in need under s 17(10) Children Act 1989 ("CA")?

Question 15

Chapter 8. Which of the following circumstances would not allow a child to be placed with prospective adopters?

Question 16

Chapter 8. What is the effect of placement on the parental responsibility of the child's parents or guardians?

Question 17

Chapter 9. Which of the following would constitute "grave risk of physical or psychological harm?

Question 18

Chapter 9. Where an application is made under Brussels II, which of the following are not modifications to the working of the Hague Convention?