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Homewood: EU Law Concentrate 5e

Chapter 8: Further reading


Berry, E., Homewood M,J., and Bogusz, B., EU Law Complete,  2nd edn (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015) – An academic text aimed at undergraduate students written in a similarly accessible style to EU Concentrate.  Provides greater depth on the areas covered

Whish, R. and Bailey, D., Competition Law. 7th Edition, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012) - A comprehensive account of all aspects of Union competition law

Graham, C., EU and UK Competition Law, 2nd  (Pearson, 2013) - A specialised Competition law text with substantive coverage of Article 102 and the EU/UK approach

Journal Articles

Monti, G., “The scope of collective dominance under Article 82” (2001) 38 Common Market Law Review 131 - Further reading on collective dominance

Ysewyn, J. And Caffara, C., “Two’s company, three’s a crowd: the future of collective dominance after the Kali & Salz judgment” (1998) ECL Review 468 - A detailed and progressive look at the collective dominance issue

Baker, S. And Wu, L., “Applying the market definition guidelines of the EC Commission” (1998) ECL Review 273 - An interesting look at the guidelines and in particular, supply substitutability


http://ec.europa.eu/competition/antitrust/procedures_102_en.html - European Commission overview of Article 102 procedure