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Homewood: EU Law Concentrate 5e

Chapter 2: Multiple choice questions


Answer the following questions and then press 'Submit' to get your score.

Question 1

What is meant by the 'supremacy' of EU law?

Question 2

What is meant by the 'direct effect' of an EU provision?

Question 3

What is meant by 'vertically directly effective'?

Question 4

In the context of direct effect, which test has been formulated by the Court of Justice to identify a 'public body' or 'emanation of the state?

Question 5

Which principle requires that national law be interpreted in accordance with relevant EU law?

Question 6

Which principle was established by the Court of Justice in Francovich?

Question 7

In which situation can Francovich liability arise?

Question 8

Which case established state liability for a breach of EU law that did not entail the failure to implement a directive?

Question 9

According to Factortame, what was the 'decisive test' for a 'sufficiently serious breach'?

Question 10

Following Factortame, the Court of Justice extended the scope of state liability. To what situation was it applied in BT?