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Homewood: EU Law Concentrate 5e

Diagnostic test - where do I need to concentrate?


Answer the following questions and then press 'Submit' to get your score.

Question 1

Chapter 1. How would you describe the structure of the European Union, as set up by the Treaty on European Union 1992?

Question 2

Chapter 1. What is meant by 'subsidiarity'?

Question 3

Chapter 1. What is meant by the 'legal base' of an EU measure?

Question 4

Chapter 2. What is meant by the 'direct effect' of an EU provision?

Question 5

Chapter 2. In the context of direct effect, which test has been formulated by the Court of Justice to identify a 'public body' or 'emanation of the state?

Question 6

Chapter 2. In which situation can Francovich liability arise?

Question 7

Chapter 3. How have the national courts tended to interpret 'acte clair'?

Question 8

Chapter 3. Which courts have a discretion to refer under Article 267(2)?

Question 9

Chapter 3. What principle was established in Da Costa?

Question 10

Chapter 4. What kind of action may be brought under Article 258 TFEU?

Question 11

Chapter 4. What is meant by 'locus standi'?

Question 12

Chapter 4. Which of the following statements is correct?

Question 13

Chapter 5. When is a national internal taxation system indirectly discriminatory?

Question 14

Chapter 5. How is an 'indistinctly applicable' MEQR defined?

Question 15

Chapter 5. Which case set out the rule that certain 'selling arrangements' do not fall within the Dassonville formula?

Question 16

Chapter 6. How has Directive 2004/38 extended the scope of 'family member'?

Question 17

Chapter 6. Which secondary legislation elucidates the scope of 'public policy, public security or public health'?

Question 18

Chapter 6. Which provision of Directive 2004/38 sets out the scope of the public policy and public security grounds?

Question 19

Chapter 7. What does Article 101(1) prohibit?

Question 20

Chapter 7. What assessment does Article 101 (3) entail?

Question 21

Chapter 7. What criticism was levied against the European Commission before the adoption of Regulation 2790/99 (which has now been replaced with Regulation 330/2010?

Question 22

Chapter 8. What does Article 102 TFEU prohibit?

Question 23

Chapter 8. What does supply substitutability concern?

Question 24

Chapter 8. How might predatory pricing be characterized?