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Roach: Card & James' Business Law 4e

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  • Resources

    • Multiple choice questions

      Test yourself on each chapter of the textbook and receive instant feedback

    • Author's blog

      Explore Lee Roach?s blog, which provides updates and commentary on the company law and corporate governance world

    • Bonus chapters

      Bonus chapters on corporate governance and the ?economic torts?

    • Problem and essay questions

      Guidance on answering the additional problem and essay questions

    • Regular updates

      Keep up to date with the latest new and developments in business law by following the author's own business law Twitter feed

    • Discussion boxes

      Discussion boxes on areas of the law which have incited debate ? use these boxes to pause and reflect on the legal provisions

    • Figures from the textbook

      All the figures from the textbook available to download

    • Glossary

      Browse the list of key words and definitions associated with business law

    • Interactive map of Europe

      Interactive map with hot-spots on all EU member states and providing factual information on each member country

    • Interactive timeline of the EU

      Interactive timeline tracing key dates in EU legal history

    • The referencing of authority

      An introductory guide containing useful information on how to reference sources

    • Revision summaries

      Summaries of the key points from each of the topic areas

  • Blog article

  • The ?Panama Papers? and corporate transparency: The UK perspective

    View the article via the OUP blog.