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Jones: Introduction to Business Law 3e

End of chapter summary documents

Access the chapter links below to view and download the end of chapter summary documents.

  • Chapter 1 (PDF, Size: 27KB)
    • The Nature of English Law
  • Chapter 2 (PDF, Size: 27KB)
    • The Court System and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Chapter 3 (PDF, Size: 29KB)
    • Sources of English Law
  • Chapter 4 (PDF, Size: 27KB)
    • The Nature of the Agreement: Offer and Acceptance
  • Chapter 5 (PDF, Size: 28KB)
    • Intention, Capacity, Consideration, and Privity
  • Chapter 6 (PDF, Size: 30KB)
    • The Terms of a Contract
  • Chapter 7 (PDF, Size: 27KB)
    • Vitiating Factors
  • Chapter 8 (PDF, Size: 29KB)
    • Discharge of Contract and Contractual Remedies
  • Chapter 9 (PDF, Size: 29KB)
    • The Law of Agency
  • Chapter 10 (PDF, Size: 30KB)
    • The Sale of Goods and Supply of Services
  • Chapter 11 (PDF, Size: 30KB)
    • The Tort of Negligence
  • Chapter 12 (PDF, Size: 30KB)
    • Product Liability, Defective Premises, Interference with Land, and Defences
  • Chapter 13 (PDF, Size: 27KB)
    • The Contract of Employment and its Termination
  • Chapter 14 (PDF, Size: 27KB)
    • Discrimination and Health and Safety
  • Chapter 15 (PDF, Size: 30KB)
    • Business Organisations
  • Chapter 16 (PDF, Size: 30KB)
    • Company Law I Formation and Finance
  • Chapter 17 (PDF, Size: 29KB)
    • Company Law II Company Officers and Liabilities
  • Chapter 18 (PDF, Size: 30KB)
    • Company Law III Company Meetings, Shareholder Protection, and Liquidation of Companies
  • Chapter 19 (PDF, Size: 51KB)
    • Intellectual Property Law