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Oxford University Press - Online Resource Centres

Online Resource Centres


This page contains solutions to the most frequent queries we receive. Please check the list to see if your problem is given so that you can resolve it as quickly as possible. If not, please see the final item for details on how to contact us for support.

What is an Online Resource Centre?
How do I get a username and password to access the lecturer resources?
How do I get a username and password to access the student resources?
I have not received a verification link
I have forgotten my password
My username and password do not work
What is the profile page?
The page is not loading correctly
How can I be kept up to date with changes to Online Resource Centres?
What software will I need to use Online Resource Centres?
I need help with downloading VLE content
I need help using a test bank
My problem is not listed. I need further help

What is an Online Resource Centre?

Online Resource Centres provide students and lecturers with free-of-charge, ready-to-use teaching and learning resources developed to complement the related textbook. For more information please see the page learn about Online Resource Centres.

Many resources are for use by lecturers only as they may be used for testing students and are password-protected to ensure only adopting lecturers are given access. Some resources for students are also password-protected and can be accessed by using the username and password printed in the book..

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How do I get a username and password to access the lecturer resources?

Many Online Resource Centres have password-protected resources for use by lecturers. In order to gain access to these you must be a lecturer and have adopted the relevant textbook for one of your courses i.e. the textbook must be the main recommended book for students to buy for your course. Therefore, please ensure that your sales representative or local branch office is aware of your adoption before applying for access. You can find out who to contact via the find your sales representative page.

Once you have informed your sales representative of your adoption, please complete the registration form. This allows you to choose your own password and asks you to provide us with some details about yourself and the course you are using the textbook for. Once you have submitted the form you will be sent an email containing a secure link which you will need to click on in order to complete the registration process. If this does not arrive please check your junk email folder before contacting us at orc.help@oup.com.

After registering, your details will be sent to OUP for verification. When your registration and adoption have been confirmed you will receive a further confirmation email and will then be able to use your login details to access the site. Please allow up to three working days for this process to be completed. If you require temporary access to an Online Resource Centre, in order to try out the resources before deciding whether to adopt the textbook, please contact your sales representative who can arrange this.

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How do I get a username and password to access the student resources?

Most Online Resource Centres contain free, open-access resources for students. Some student resources are password-protected and require a username and password that are printed in the preface of the book.

Lecturers who are adopting the book and wish to access password-protected student resources will gain access to both the lecturer and student resources for a specific textbook by following the lecturer registration procedure above.

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Verification link

When you complete a registration form on the site you should receive an automated email containing a verification link. We ask you to click on the link to confirm that the email address you entered in the form is a genuine address. If the link does not arrive it is possible that it has been blocked by a spam filter. Check your junk email folder and if the verification email is not there please contact us at orc.help@oup.com, providing your full name and the email address that you registered with.

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Forgotten username and password

If you can remember your username (normally the same as your email address) but not your password, please use our Reset Password page to send yourself a new temporary password. You will be asked to change this password when you have successfully logged on.If you cannot remember your username and password, please use the password reminder function. Simply click on any of the password-protected resources and follow the 'forgotten your password?' link on the login page. Once you have entered the email address or username you signed up with, your username and password will be emailed to you automatically. If you have received your username and password and are still unable to log in, please see the section below.
When you reset your password your new temporary password will be e-mailed to you within minutes. If it fails to arrive, this could be for the following reasons.

1. Is a "spam filter" blocking our Password Reset e-mail? Please check for the email in your "Junk", "Spam" or "trash"  e-mail folders and add do_not_reply@oup.com to your list of allowed e-mail addresses so future emails from us are not blocked. If you still can't find our email it might be being blocked before reaching your in-box by your ISP. If this is happeneing please let us know by emailing us at orc.help@oup.com.

2. When you reset the password did you enter your 'correct' username - i.e. the same username you gave us when you registered? This is normally your email address, but if your email address has changed since you registered and you no longer have access to your old email's in-box, you won't receive our Password Reset email.  If this is the case, please let us know by emailing us at orc.help@oup.com telling us your old email address.

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Username and password do not work

Please check that you have spelt everything correctly and that the caps lock is not on - your password is case-sensitive. If you are still unable to log in and are certain that you are entering the correct details, it is likely that your account is not currently active and cannot be used to access the password-protected resources. This may be for one of the following reasons:


  • Did you sign up for this Online Resource Centre more than 12 months ago?  If so, your login may have expired as all lecturer accounts are automatically deactivated after a period of one year. If you are continuing to adopt the textbook, please visit your profile to request that your account be reactivated.

  • Have you verified your account? When registering, you will have been sent an email containing a secure link. You must click on this link to complete the registration procedure and activate your account. If this did not arrive please check your junk email folder before contacting us at orc.help@oup.com.

  • Are you registered for this particular textbook and edition? If you are adopting a textbook which is different from the one you originally signed up for (including previous editions) please visit your profile to have your account details amended to include access to the new title. Please make sure your sales representative is aware of your adoption of the additional textbook.

  • Has your adoption been confirmed? We are only able to activate your account if your adoption has been confirmed via your sales representative. If you have not already done so, please contact your sales representative.

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What is the profile page?

Your personal profile page lists all of the resources you have access to and the details we hold about you. You can access your personal profile page via the link at the very top of every page within the Online Resource Centre portal. The profile page is split up into the following sections:

You currently have access to

This section lists all of the resources you have access to and the expiry dates of your access. Click the update registration icon to see or edit the answers you gave when registering for your product. For expired registrations you can click on the link to the Online Resource Centre you are using and follow the register link to apply to renew your access.  Please note that, as for new registrations, your sales representative will need to be aware of your continuing adoption and you should allow up to three working days for access to be granted.

Your details

This section shows your personal contact details. Please remember to amend any information here if it changes. If you are changing your email address, and this is also the username you use to log in with, you might also wish to update your username at the same time to avoid any confusion. To change your password use the change password link.

Save changes

Click on the 'Update account' button if you have made any changes to your details and would like these to be saved. If you have accidentally changed any information you can click the 'Reset' button to cancel any changes and return all fields to how they were when you logged in.

The page is not loading correctly

If the page is not loading correctly, there may be a temporary problem with the server. Please try refreshing the page. To ensure that you are loading the most recent version of the page, please refresh, on a Windows PC, by pressing the Ctrl + F5 keys together (on a Mac you should use Cmd + R). If the page still does not load correctly after refreshing, please email us at orc.help@oup.com with the details of the page(s) you have been trying to access and when you were experiencing problems.

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How can I be kept up to date with changes?

There are two main methods for keeping up to date.

Whether you have registered for an Online Resource Centre or not, you can use the 'keep me updated' link on the home page of any Online Resource Centre to send us an email confirming that you would like to be added to the mailing list for that book. We will then let you know whenever any new material is added to the site (we will not use your email address for any other purpose).

If you have registered for any password-protected resources, we will automatically send you details when any new content is published on that particular Online Resource Centre.

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What software will I need?

For the vast majority of our resources, you do not require any specialist software. The main exception to this is if lecturers wish to take full advantage of the technical functionality provided by test banks (although it is possible just to use the Word versions of these instead). For more information on test banks and software formats please see our dedicated learn about test banks page.

For most other types of resources, many computers will already have the necessary software installed. The following types of file are used on our Online Resource Centres:

PDF documents

To view these files you will need the free Adobe Reader. This will normally already be installed on your system but you can also download the latest version from the Adobe website by clicking on the button below.

Get Adobe Reader

Video files

Most of the video files on our Online Resource Centres are Windows Media Video files and can be opened using Windows Media Player. You can download the latest version for free by clicking on the button below.

Get Windows Media Player

Mac users: In order to download and view Windows Media Video files you will need to download a plug-in. Microsoft recommends Flip4Mac, available at www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/wmcomponents.mspx

Some video files require Adobe Flash Player. You can download the latest version for free by clicking on the button below.

Get Adobe Flash Player

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Some files are available in Microsoft Office format either as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. These are usually in version 97-2003. To open these files you will need to have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. Please note that you may experience problems with some features of PowerPoint slides if you are using PowerPoint 95 or earlier and we recommend using PowerPoint 97 or later.


To load some of our interactive resources (for example flashcard glossaries and the interactive maps and timelines) you will need to have the latest version of the Adobe Flash player installed. If it is not already installed, follow the link below to download it for free:

Get Adobe Flash Player

Chem3D molecular structures

You will need either Chem3D or the free Chem3D viewer plugin on your system before you can view and manipulate Chem3D structures.

Audio files

Audio files used on the site are provided in MP3 format and can be played in software such as Windows Media Player or iTunes. You can also listen to the files on your portable MP3 player.

ZIP files

Some resources are provided as compressed ZIP files. If your computer does not automatically decompress these files you will need to use decompression software such as WinRar or WinZip.

Help downloading VLE content

Please see our dedicated learn about VLE/CMS content page for advice on using VLE content.

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Help using test banks

Please see our dedicated learn about test banks page for advice on using test banks.

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  • ? using cascading style sheets (CSS) to control page layout and to keep the content clean;
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We are not always able to live up to these ideals everywhere on our site, and are sometimes limited by the software we use. We are, however, engaged in a continuous process of improvement, and welcome your feedback. If you have difficulty using our site, do please let us know by emailing us at orc.help@oup.com.


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I need further help

If you are still experiencing problems, please complete our feedback form. We will aim to respond to your query within three working days. However please note that at busy times this may take longer.

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