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McIlveen: Fundamentals of Weather and Climate 2e

Selected solutions to end-of-chapter problems

The author has provided outline answers to the additional problems which appear at the end of each chapter.

Half of the answers are available here in the Student resource area and half are located in the password protected Lecturer resource area. Click on the chapter links below to view the selected answers for each chapter as a PDF.

Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Chapter 03
The constitution of the atmosphere
Chapter 04
The state of the atmosphere
Chapter 05
Atmospheric thermodynamics
Chapter 06
Cloud and precipitation
Chapter 07
Atmospheric dynamics
Chapter 08
Radiation convection and advection
Chapter 09
The atmospheric engine
Chapter 10
Surface and boundary layer
Chapter 11
Smaller-scale weather systems
Chapter 12
Large-scale weather systems in mid-latitudes
Chapter 13
Large-scale weather systems in low-latitudes
Chapter 14
Climate and climate change