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Everett et al: Energy Systems and Sustainability 2e

Self-assessment questions

These self-marking questions give you instant feedback, and provide page references to the textbook to help you focus on areas which need further study. The questions are designed to reinforce your understanding through frequent and cumulative revision and to assist with independent self-study. Click the chapter links below to open the questions for each chapter.

Chapter 1
Introductory Overview
Chapter 2
Primary Energy
Chapter 3
What Do We Use Energy For?
Chapter 4
Forms of Energy
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Heat to Motive Power
Chapter 7
Oil and Gas
Chapter 8
Oil and Gas Engines
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Nuclear Power
Chapter 11
The Future of Nuclear Power
Chapter 12
Costing Energy
Chapter 13
Penalties: Assessing the Environmental and Health Impacts of Energy Use
Chapter 14
Remedies: Making Fossil Fuel Use More Sustainable