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Have you been using a resource that you found particularly useful? Or do you have suggestions for improvements, either regarding the resources for a specific textbook or the Online Resource Centres web site as a whole?

Read what some of our other customers have had to say on this page, or send your own feedback by completing the form below.

I found this website really helpful, it helps students gain an insight knowledge in economics, the additional practice exercises, case studies and 'think about it' questions are really helpful and well organised.
Khushboo Gaur, student, International Management Institute

Concepts are discussed nicely and [in] a clear understandable way... my students like it very much.
Bashir Ahmed, Lecturer, University of East London

I feel obliged to register my thanks for the medium of learning you have created.Your materials have been a depository for me, being a sophomore. I bid you to keep it up.
Sa'adu Ajetunmobi Muritala, student, University of Ilorin

You have a wonderful academic resource bank.
Willy-Marcel Ndayitwayeko, Assistant Lecturer, University of Burundi

You have exellent information and well thought out questions
Frida Kwena, student, Strathmore University

This [is] a good place to start revision; clear and concise without being too brief. Very useful: recommended to students.
Kay Harding, Plymouth Devon International College

My first impression of Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry (4th edition) by Patrick is very good. The resource materials are extremely useful to save the lecturer time and to probe the students' understanding. The book reads very well and I like to think that students will use this book a lot to prepare for their exams. This edition was a serious upgrade from edition 3 although I miss the (lame) jokes from previous editions (1 and 2). Very pleased.
Theo Berkhout, Molecular Pharmacologist, University of Herts

My students and I really enjoy the video updates on Cini & Perez-Solorzano Borragan: European Union Politics 3e.
Vesselin Todorov, City University of Seattle

This is really the best site for economics students. It's really amazing.
Muhammad Tahir

Thank you very much for the online resources for Lipsey and Chrystal: Economics 11th edition. I really appreciate it because it has managed to improve my grades. Thank you a lot.
David Nhunhama

Many thanks for the updates for Clarke & Walsh: Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing. Do keep them coming as these resources are helping me to keep my students up to date.
Deborah Isaac, Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich

I do appreciate the access to Crane & Matten: Business Ethics 2e as your material is so good.
It is quite the fashion now for publishers to market their books through the marginal products - as you know better than me - but yours is truly one of real value to a lecturer. Easy to use, and with sensible, well organized content.
Graham Harman-Baker, Senior Lecturer, European College of Business & Management

I am a student in human resources, I needed information on UK law for my homework, and I found everything I needed on your website, that's perfect.
Kirsty Shicluna

The material for Burrows: Chemistry3 is of very high quality and will be very useful. Congratulations on an excellent job!
Professor Antonio Carlos Borin, Universidade de S?o Paulo, Brazil

I have to say that the site for for Bryman's 3rd Edition of Social Research Methods is an absolute fantastic resource.
Elena Moore, Trinity College Dublin

Thanks a lot for your assistance. I truly appreciated it. I believe that a service level like you have offered me is one of the reasons I believe Oxford will always be number one. Thanks a million for your kindness and support.
Professor Marcus V. Freitas, Brazil

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