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Patrick: An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry 5e

Molecular modelling exercises

Click the chapter links below to view exercises for each chapter topic. Exercises are not available for all chapters. Some chapters include a link to a zip file containing files you will need to import to Spartan or Chemdraw in order to complete the exercises.

These exercises include step-by-step procedures for use with Spartan 10 (v.1.0.1) software. This is widely distributed at colleges and universities; check with your institution for access. Students can purchase Spartan Student Edition from: http://store.wavefun.com/product_p/SpStudent.htm

The author has written a useful introduction to Spartan with some exercises to familiarize yourself with the software. Click the links below to open the document and the accompanying files for Spartan.

Introduction to Spartan

Spartan files