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Atkins & Friedman: Molecular Quantum Mechanics 5e

Solutions to selected exercises and problems

Selected answers to the problems in the book can be accessed by clicking the chapter links below. The complete solutions manual is available to adopting lecturers only.

Chapter 00
Introduction and orientation (PDF)
Chapter 01
The foundations of quantum mechanics (PDF)
Chapter 02
Linear motion and the harmonic oscillator (PDF)
Chapter 03
Rotational motion and the hydrogen atom (PDF)
Chapter 04
Angular momentum (PDF)
Chapter 05
Group theory (PDF)
Chapter 06
Techniques of approximation (PDF)
Chapter 07
Atomic spectra and atomic structure (PDF)
Chapter 08
An introduction to molecular structure (PDF)
Chapter 09
Computational chemistry (PDF)
Chapter 10
Molecular rotations and vibrations (PDF)
Chapter 11
Molecular electronic transitions (PDF)
Chapter 12
The electric properties of molecules (PDF)
Chapter 13
The magnetic properties of molecules (PDF)
Chapter 14
Scattering theory (PDF)