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Hunter: Foundations of Colloid Science 2e

Solutions for exercises within the book

Chapter 01
Nature of colloidal dispersions (Word 270kB)
Chapter 02
Thermodynamics of surfaces (Word 699kB)
Chapter 03
Response to external fields and stresses (Word 416kB)
Chapter 04
Transport properties of suspensions (Word 550kB)
Chapter 05
Particle size and shape (Word 390kB)
Chapter 06
Adsorption onto solid surfaces (Word 339kB)
Chapter 07
Electrified interfaces: the electrical double layer (Word 601kB)
Chapter 08
Electrokinetics and the zeta potential (Word 269kB)
Chapter 09
Association colloids (Word 551kB)
Chapter 10
Absorption at charged interfaces (Word 466kB)
Chapter 11
The theory of van der Waals forces (Word 235kB)
Chapter 12
Double layer interaction and particle coagulation (Word 636kB)
Chapter 13
Introduction to statistical mechanics of fluids (Word 211kB)
Chapter 14
Scattering studies of colloid structure (Word 391kB)
Chapter 15
Rheology of colloidal dispersions (Word 536kB)