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Higson: Analytical Chemistry

Solutions Manual

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Please note there are no solutions for chapter 16.

Chapter 01
The scope of analytical chemistry and the nature of analytical measurements
Chapter 02
Analytical quality assurance and statistics
Chapter 03
Standard wet chemical and reagent based techniques
Chapter 04
The use of light in analytical measurements
Chapter 05
An introduction to the use of visible and ultraviolet light for analytical measurements
Chapter 06
Further applications of UV-visible absorption and fluorescence phenomena
Chapter 07
Atomic spectroscopy in analytical chemistry
Chapter 08
Separatory methods and chromatography
Chapter 09
Mass spectroscopy
Chapter 10
Electro-analytical techniques
Chapter 11
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Chapter 12
Infrared techniques
Chapter 13
Radiochemical analytical methods
Chapter 14
Bio-Analytical methods
Chapter 15
Environmental analyses and assays