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Sawyer: The UK Economy 16e

PowerPoint presentations

Click on the links below to view and download the PowerPoint presentations that accompany each chapter of the book. The slides are fully customisable allowing them to be modified to suit your teaching needs.
Chapter 01
The UK Economy in Context (PPT 125kB)
Chapter 02
The Structure of the Economy (PPT 76kB)
Chapter 03
The UK and the European Union (PPT 118kB)
Chapter 04
Fiscal Policy and the Budget (PPT 115kB)
Chapter 05
Public Expenditure (PPT 111kB)
Chapter 06
Money, Finance and Monetary Policy (PPT 91kB)
Chapter 07
Balance of Payments and International Trade (PPT 82kB)
Chapter 08
Industry and Business: Structure and Policies (PPT 144kB)
Chapter 09
Privatisation and Regulation (PPT 85kB)
Chapter 10
Employment and Unemployment (PPT 128kB)
Chapter 11
The Distribution and Redistribution of Income (PPT 85kB)
Chapter 12
Environmental and Transport Policy (PPT 117kB)