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McCann: Modern Urban and Regional Economics 2e

Web links

Key International Urban and Regional Datasets

The OECD regional database
The database is on the OECD the stat portal

  • You have to choose data by theme/regional statistics and then choose either TL2 or TL3 regions.
  • The OECD has also recently produced a metropolitan database that covers the 268 metropolitan areas with population of 500,000 or more (functional urban areas) in OECD countries (excluding Israel, Australia, New Zealand). The database includes annual time series on a set of indicators such as: population, land use, GDP, employment, unemployment Co2 emissions, air quality, patents. The data base is publicly available on the OECD Statistical portal http://dotstat.oecd.org/Index.aspx?Datasetcode=CITIES. You can also visualise the performance of cities through interactive maps, histograms and metro profile here: http://measuringurban.oecd.org/
  • This new approach used to identify the 268 metropolitan areas, starts by identifying functional urban areas beyond the administrative boundaries of the city to capture the economic geography in which people live and work (commuting area around the densely populated urban cores). You can find the methodology adopted to the OECD countries in the publication Redefining urban: A new way to measure metropolitan areas"; OECD Publishing 2012: www.oecd.org/gov/regional/measuringurban.
  • Through this methodology the OECD identifies the whole system of functional urban areas of different sizes (starting from 50k population) in each country. You can see the list of functional urban areas by country here: http://www.oecd.org/gov/regional-policy/functionalurbanareasbycountry.htm

European Union Regional Datasets

EU ESPON Database

Australia: The Australian Government Regional Databases published on line by BITRE Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics:

Brazil: The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics

Cambridge Econometrics European Regional Database

EUI European Regional Database

Japan: Regional Statistics produced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Russian Regional Database

Israel Regional Database

US State and County Level Data

Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program for USA

Brookings Institution Global Metro Monitor

Brookings Institution Metro Monitor for USA

World Bank Urban Development Data

UN-Habitat Urban Indicators