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King: Economics

Answers to the Questions for Review

Click the chapter links below to view the solutions to the Questions for Review from each chapter of the book. The solutions are in PDF documents and will open in a new window.

Chapter 1
The Nature of Economics (PDF)
Chapter 2
Scarcity, Governments, and Economists (PDF)
Chapter 3
Supply and Demand (PDF)
Chapter 4
Elasticity of Demand and Supply (PDF)
Chapter 5
Governments and Markets (PDF)
Chapter 6
Household Behaviour (PDF)
Chapter 7
Introducing the Theory of the Firm (PDF)
Chapter 8
Costs and Production Methods (PDF)
Chapter 9
Perfect Competition (PDF)
Chapter 10
Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition (PDF)
Chapter 11
Oligopoly (PDF)
Chapter 12
Government, Monopolies, and Oligopolies (PDF)
Chapter 13
Governments and Resource Allocation (PDF)
Chapter 14
Markets for Labour (PDF)
Chapter 15
Land and Capital (PDF)
Chapter 16
Governments and the Distribution of Income (PDF)
Chapter 17
Introduction to Macroeconomics (PDF)
Chapter 18
The National Accounts (PDF)
Chapter 19
GDP and the Multiplier Model (PDF)
Chapter 20
Money, Banks, and Interest Rates (PDF)
Chapter 21
GDP and Prices: the AS–AD model (PDF)
Chapter 22
Unemployment (PDF)
Chapter 23
Inflation and Unemployment (PDF)
Chapter 24
Business Cycles (PDF)
Chapter 25
Economic Growth (PDF)
Chapter 26
Monetary, Fiscal, and Supply-side Policies (PDF)
Chapter 27
International Trade (PDF)
Chapter 28
International Finance (PDF)