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Szmigin & Piacentini: Consumer Behaviour

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    • Multiple choice questions

      Test yourself on each chapter of the textbook and receive instant feedback

    • Authors' blog

      Visit the authors' blog to stay up-to-date with the latest news and discussions relating to Consumer Behaviour

    • Flashcard glossary

      Interactive flashcards containing key terms and concepts to help you revise and test your understanding of Consumer Behaviour terminology

    • Links to selected journal articles (Research Insights)

      Follow the links to the academic journals listed in the Research Insights feature in the book to read the abstract and access the full paper

    • Web exercises

      Improve and apply your knowledge and understanding of the topics in each chapter with a variety of web-based exercises

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      Follow the annotated web links to learn more about the organizations, issues and new developments in Consumer Behaviour raised in the book

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    • Instructor's manual

      The instructor’s manual is a substantial and superior ready-to-use package of supplementary teaching resources that provides you with: notes on the case studies in the book and guidance on how to use them in class; additional questions for seminars or for assessment with indicative answers, and; additional questions and discussion points on the practitioner insights in the book

    • Learning activities

      A range of more detailed workshop-based activities; shorter lecture-based in-class exercises; suggestions for assessment approaches

    • PowerPoint slides

      Comprehensive customizable PowerPoint slides available for each chapter to use in your lectures