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Matthewman, Rose & Hetherington: Work Psychology

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Please note the following additional references in Chapter 6:

  1. 'Based on the work of Horney (1937) and Mansi (2008) these neurotic needs can be classified under three headings relating to how an individual might react when stressed' should appear in the first paragraph of section 6.3.1 (page 125).

  2. Mansi (2008) should appear at the bottom of the activity on page 126.

    Mansi, A (2008) The Dark Side of Management: The consequences for organisations. In Porter, C., Bingham, C., Simmonds, D. (eds) (2008) Exploring Human Resource Management. McGraw Hill Higher Education.

More general information can be found at the following link: http://westminsterresearch.wmin.ac.uk/cgi/search/simple?q=mansi&_action_ search=Search&_action_search=Search&_order=bytitle&basic_srchtype=ALL&_s atisfyall=ALL.