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Gordon: Public Relations


  • Student resources

    • Progress tests

      Self-test questions supported by instant feedback and page references to the text to allow you to test your knowledge of key themes and concepts
    • Learning skills portfolio

      A useful portfolio identifying the key skills needed for working in the PR industry
    • Case studies

      Case commentary to accompany the cases in the book to help further apply your learning to real business situations

    • Links to PR company profiles

      A diverse selection of links to company profiles and PR departments to help you keep you informed and connected to developments in the world of PR
    • Web links

      Useful web links for further research, which contains all the links referred to in the book
    • Example interview template and survey questions

      View examples of different types of survey questions, and questions used in an interview with a PR practitioner
  • Lecturer resources

  • The following resources are password-protected and for adopting lecturers' use only.

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    • Practice examination questions

      A bank of practice questions available for each chapter with indicative answers to help students prepare for their exams
    • Instructor’s manual

      A helpful guide containing lesson plans for each chapter, along with active learning features, additional exercises, and points for discussion
    • PowerPoint slides

      A suite of fully adaptable PowerPoint slides for use in lecture presentations
    • Test bank

      A ready-made electronic testing resource which can be customized to meet your teaching needs and be used as progress tests in class