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Oxford University Press - Online Resource Centres

Davis & Pecar: Business Statistics Using Excel 2e

Online workbooks

  • Introduction to Excel workbook (PDF, Size: 759KB)
    • An introductory guide or refresher course which will guide you through the features of Microsoft Excel 2010.

  • Factorial Experiments workbook (PDF, Size: 1.4MB)
    • Offers specific guidance on how to identify and solve factorial experiments. The authors have provided a wealth of exercises, solutions, and suggested reading to help you further your understanding of this topic.

  • Numerical Skills Development workbook (PDF, Size: 643KB)
    • Allows students to practise skills covering percentages, profit and loss, and the solution of simple equations.

  • Numerical Skills Revision workbook (PDF, Size: 831KB)
    • Extends the concepts covered in the Development of Numerical Skills workbook, to cover solving algebraic problems, exploration of Excel mathematical, statistical and financial functions, and completes the workbook by providing a revision session on co-ordinate geometry.