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Crawley, Swailes, & Walsh: Introduction to International Human Resource Management

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  • Student resources

    • Glossary

      An online version of the glossary from the book which enables you to search across the terminology from the book for your ease of reference

    • Suggested answers to end-of-chapter questions

      A bank of suggested answers to all end-of-chapter questions and exercises enables you to check your understanding of key themes and issues and offers tips on what to include in your answers

    • Recommended films

      A list of suggested films to further your understanding of various aspects of international human resource management

    • Web links

      Annotated web links to direct you to valuable sources of information on IHRM

  • Lecturer resources

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    • Additional cases

      Detailed online case studies are available for each chapter, which reinforce key issues from the textbook and are accompanied by a series of questions

    • Figures and illustrations from the book

      Provided for your ease of use for including into your PowerPoint slides or to show to students on-screen