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Blundel and Lockett: Exploring Entrepreneurship: Practices and Perspectives

Additional case studies

A range of additional engaging case studies provide the opportunity to apply what you have learnt and analyse real-life examples (provided in PDF format).

These cases have been written and researched by Dr Haider Ali, Lecturer at the Open University Business School.

Student experiences of university entrepreneurial societies
Chapter 01: Introduction: the many faces of entrepreneurship

Safer syringes - trying to capitalize on a perceived opportunity
Chapter 02: Visions: creating new ventures

Rohan and Innovation
Chapter 03: Opportunities: nurturing creativity and innovation

A change of people, networks and business - Interregnum plc transforms into Parkmead plc
Chapter 04: People: leading teams and networks

Building credibility amongst investors – examples from the BBC's Dragons' Den
Chapter 05: Markets: understanding customers and competitors

Management Processes in Hotels
Chapter 06: Processes: controlling operations and technologies

Tracy's Fudge
Chapter 07: Accounts: interpreting financial performance

Raising finance in a market downturn
Chapter 08: Finances: raising capital for new ventures

Reflections – an entrepreneur's story
Chapter 09: Reflections: learning from entrepreneurs

Searching for trust in entrepreneurs' marketing activities
Chapter 10: Perspectives on entrepreneurship: an overview

Entrepreneurship and property investment
Chapter 11: Economic perspectives: influences and impacts

Four entrepreneurial individuals – similarities and differences
Chapter 12: Individual perspectives: beyond the 'heroic' entrepreneur

Networking in the development of social network site Facebook
Chapter 13: Social perspectives: understanding people and places

A brief history of the Swire Group
Chapter 14: Historical perspectives: the 'long view'

Development in Armenia
Chapter 15: Political perspectives: from policy to practice