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Blundel and Lockett: Exploring Entrepreneurship: Practices and Perspectives

  • Student resources

    • Additional study materials

      Expanding on particular topics in the text enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of interesting aspects of Entrepreneurship
    • Self-test questions

      Help test your understanding and aid your revision. These self-marking questions include instant feedback on your answers and cross-references back to the textbook to assist with your independent study
    • Authors' blogs

      Keep involved with contemporary issues in entrepreneurship by visiting the authors' blogs
    • Additional case studies

      Extra case studies with questions providing the opportunity for you to apply what you have learnt and analyse real-life examples
    • New venture creation checklists

      Checklists which cover the main tasks of developing a new venture provide a useful reference
    • Flashcard glossary

      Glossary terms presented in an interactive flashcard format to help revise key terms and concepts
    • Learning objectives

      Learning Objectives from the book help you evaluate your knowledge and understanding of each chapter
    • Pre-reading guide

      Suggestions for background reading covering the functional areas addressed in Part One, to help those new to the subject
    • Revision tips

      Advice is provided on how to prepare for a new venture creation assignment and a reflective essay assignment
    • Useful web links and exercises

      Links to websites relevant to each chapter, direct you towards valuable sources of information
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    • Guidance answers for the additional case studies

      Guidance answers for the questions provided to accompany the additional case studies on the student part of the site
    • PowerPoint slides

      A suite of fully customizable PowerPoint slides for use in lecture presentations
    • Teaching notes

      Notes are provided for each of the Critical Incident Cases in Part 1 to help incorporate these cases into your teaching