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Banfield and Kay: Introduction to Human Resource Management 2e

  • Student resources

    • Insights and Outcomes

      Provides additional insight into the case studies contained in the book
    • Flashcard glossary

      Key terms and concepts available in interactive flashcard format; downloadable on to iPods and other portable devices
    • Chapter on health and safety

      An additional chapter on health and safety, covering health and safety legislation, the different approaches taken to health and safety management, and the role of the HSE
    • Multiple choice questions

      Available for each chapter supported by instant feedback and page references to the text
    • Sample redundancy selection procedure

      View an example of a selection matrix (as referred to in chapter 15)
    • Web links

      A set of useful links to aid further research
    • Extension material

      Additional material of key topics providing a deeper understanding of interesting aspects of human resource management