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Baines, Fill, & Rosengren: Marketing 4e

Case Insight videos from the 3rd edition

  • Marketing Case Insight 1.1: Systembolaget

    In this video, Fredrik Thor, Brand Manager at Systembolaget, speaks to Paul Baines about how a state alcohol monopoly with a prohibition remit can possibly market itself.

  • Marketing Case Insight 2.1: BrainJuicer Labs

    Paul Baines speaks to Orlando Wood, Managing Director of BrainJuicer Labs, about understanding and evaluating the behaviour of its client MasterCard's financial services consumers.

  • Marketing Case Insight 3.1: MESH Planning

    How should organizations measure the effectiveness of all touchpoints in interactions with customers, not just marketing communications? Fiona Blades, CEO of MESH Planning, and Chris Wallbridge, one of MESH's Experience Strategists, tell us more about how real-time experience tracking can evaluate communications campaigns across various touchpoints.

  • Marketing Case Insight 4.1: Glassolutions Saint-Gobain

    How should organizations scan their external environments and what should they do if they identify potential threats and opportunities? Michael Butterick, Marketing Director at
    Glassolutions Saint-Gobain, speaks to Paul Baines about how his organization manages its external environment, and specifically, how it goes about lobbying the government.

  • Marketing Case Insight 5.1: PJ Care

    How should entrepreneurial organizations develop their marketing function in order to best serve their customers and meet shareholder financial goals? Wendy Thompson, PJ Care's General Manager for Sales and Marketing, speaks to Paul Baines about the evolution of the organization's marketing function.

  • Marketing Case Insight 7.1: Orange

    Sue Wilmot, Head of Customer Strategy Delivery in the customer marketing team at Orange, speaks about how the company sets about retaining large numbers of international customers in different market conditions.

  • Marketing Case Insight 9.1: 3M

    Andrew Hicks, European Market Development Manager at 3M, speaks to Paul Baines about the company, and how it developed its pricing strategy for an innovative new product, the Visual Attention Service.

  • Marketing Case Insight 11.1: Budweiser Budvar

    How should a heritage brand in the Czech Republic design a campaign to reposition itself against competing foreign brands? Lubos Jahoda, account director at Budweiser Budvar's advertising agency Kaspan, speaks about the company's campaign to differentiate its product and enable Czech citizens to make an emotional connection with the brand.

  • Marketing Case Insight 12.1: Cobalt

    How should organizations develop suitable channel structures to best serve and communicate with their customers? Zena Giles, Cobalt's Legacy Officer, explains how this medical charity uses multiple channels to appeal to donors from trust, corporate and community fundraising backgrounds, in addition to reaching potential legacy donors.

  • Marketing Case Insight 13.1: BRAND sense agency

    Simon Harrop, CEO of BRAND sense agency, speaks to Paul Baines about how the organization helps its clients build brands that enjoy deeper emotional connections with their customers through both communications and the customer experience to arrive at a holistic understanding of the brand's sensory impact.

  • Marketing Case Insight 14.1: RAKBANK

    Banali Malhotra, Head of Marketing at the National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah (RAKBANK), speaks to Paul Baines about how the bank sought an advantage in the fiercely competitive UAE credit card market by improving relationships with its customers.

  • Marketing Case Insight 16.1: Oxfam

    Oxfam opened one of the world's first charity shop chains in 1948. Nick Futcher, Brand Manager, speaks to Paul Baines about how this world-renowned charity has kept pace in both its strategy and its marketing in a changing world.

  • Marketing Case Insight 18.1: innocent

    How do organizations develop and maintain responsible working practices and attitudes towards the environment and at the same time remain compatible with their customers' values? Dan Germaine, Co-Founder and Brand Guardian at innocent, speaks to Paul Baines about how to ensure his company retains sustainability credentials whilst also remaining financially viable.

  • Marketing Case Insight 10.1: BBH

    How could an organization realise their objective to not only shift audience perceptions but to also change behaviours? Agathe Guerrier, Strategy Director at the advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), tells us about the challenges of transforming perceptions of their client, The Guardian, as dusty left-wing newspaper brand amongst a large potential audience of digitally connected, inquisitive news readers.

  • Marketing Case Insight 15.1: Oxford Instruments

    How should organizations develop relationships with business partners in international markets? Lynn Shepherd, Group Director of Communications at Oxford Instruments, speaks to Paul Baines about how the company develops business relationships and partnerships worldwide.

  • Marketing Case Insight 17.1: Virgin Media

    Richard Larcombe, Director of Advertising and Sponsorship at Virgin Media, speaks to Paul Baines about how the company uses digital marketing to differentiate itself in a saturated marketplace.

  • Marketing Case Insight 19.1: Livity

    How should organizations design their communications campaigns when targeting hard-to-reach non-traditional communities? Callum McGeogh, Creative Director of Livity, speaks about the organization's unique setup and the work they undertook for their client Childline, the national telephone helpline of the UK children's charity NSPCC.

  • Marketing Case Insight 6.1: Brompton Bicycle

    How should organizations segment their markets in light of a changing customer base? Emerson Roberts, Sales and Marketing Director for Brompton Bicycles Ltd, speaks about re-segmenting his organization's domestic market, and going to market internationally.

  • Marketing Case Insight 8.1: Dominos

    How do organizations develop new propositions on a regular basis and remain competitive? Simon Wallis, Development Manager for Domino's Pizza, tells us about how Domino's balances the increased costs and longer operational times associated with new products with the central tenets of service and speed on which the business is founded.