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Baines, Fill, & Rosengren: Marketing 4e

Case Insight videos

Access the links below to view the Case Insight videos. You can also view additional videos that were filmed to accompany the 3rd edition via the link below. 

  • Case Insight videos from the 3rd edition

  • Marketing Case Insight 1.1: Aldoraq Water

    In this video we speak to Abdurahman Almaimani, General Manager of Aldoraq Water, to find out more about how the company seeks to compete with well-known international brands.

  • Marketing Case Insight 2.1: Holdz®

    In this video speak to Managing Director of Holdz®, Steve Goodair, to find out more about how the firm meets its customers' needs.

  • Marketing Case Insight 3.1: MESH Planning

    How should organizations measure the effectiveness of all touchpoints in interactions with customers, not just marketing communications? Fiona Blades, CEO of MESH Planning, and Chris Wallbridge, one of MESH's Experience Strategists, tell us more about how real-time experience tracking can evaluate communications campaigns across various touchpoints.

  • Marketing Case Insight 4.1: Glassolutions Saint-Gobain

    How should organizations scan their external environments and what should they do if they identify potential threats and opportunities? Michael Butterick, Marketing Director at  Glassolutions Saint-Gobain, speaks to Paul Baines about how his organization manages its external environment, and specifically, how it goes about lobbying the government.

  • Marketing Case Insight 5.1: 3scale

    In this video we speak to Manfred Bortenschlager, API Market Development Director of 3scale, to find out how the company competes in its marketplace.

  • Marketing Case Insight 6.1: Soberana

    When an international beer brand took 10% of the Panamanian beer market, it was time for local brand Soberana to re-evaluate their approach. We talk to the Brand Franchise Manager of Soberana, Fermin Paus, to find out how they responded.

  • Marketing Case Insight 7.1: Lanson International

    In this video we speak to Paul Beavis, Managing Director of Lanson International, to find out more about how the company looks to further develop its presence in international markets, including the UK.

  • Marketing Case Insight 8.1: Dominos

    How do organizations develop new propositions on a regular basis and remain competitive? Simon Wallis, Development Manager for Domino's Pizza, tells us about how Domino's balances the increased costs and longer operational times associated with new products with the central tenets of service and speed on which the business is founded.

  • Marketing Case Insight 9.1: Simply Business

    In this video, we speak to Director of Strategy and Pricing of Simply Business, Philip Williams, to find out more about how the company has developed its pricing strategy.

  • Marketing Case Insight 10.1: The Guardian/ BBH

    How could an organization realise their objective to not only shift audience perceptions but to also change behaviours? Agathe Guerrier, Strategy Director at the advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), tells us about the challenges of transforming perceptions of their client, The Guardian, as dusty left-wing newspaper brand amongst a large potential audience of digitally connected, inquisitive news readers.

  • Marketing Case Insight 11.1: Budweiser Budvar

    How should a heritage brand in the Czech Republic design a campaign to reposition itself against competing foreign brands? Lubos Jahoda, account director at Budweiser Budvar's advertising agency Kaspan, speaks about the company's campaign to differentiate its product and enable Czech citizens to make an emotional connection with the brand.

  • Marketing Case Insight 12.1: Spotify

    We talk to Chug Abramowitz, VP Global Customer Service and Social Media at Spotify, to find out more about the role social media play and how organizations should incorporate it into their communication campaigns.

  • Marketing Case Insight 13.1: Aston Martin

    In this video we speak to Simon Sproule, Director of Global Marketing and Communications of Aston Martin, to find out how the brand is promoted in China.

  • Marketing Case Insight 14.1: Åhléns

    In this video we talk to Lotta Bjurhult, Business Developer Retail Operations at Sweden's largest department store chain, Åhléns, to find out what it takes to add an online channel to an existing network of department stores.

  • Marketing Case Insight 15.1: Withers Worldwide

    We speak to Laura Boyle, Head of EU Marketing and Business Development at Withers Worldwide, to explore how Withers works to improve the quality of its client relationships.

  • Marketing Case Insight 16.1: Oxford Instruments

    How should organizations develop relationships with business partners in international markets? Lynn Shepherd, Group Director of Communications at Oxford Instruments, speaks to Paul Baines about how the company develops business relationships and partnerships worldwide.

  • Marketing Case Insight 17.1: City of London Police

    In this video we speak to Superintendent  Helen Isaac, to find out how the City of London Police use social marketing to support law enforcement.

  • Marketing Case Insight 18.1: innocent

    How do organizations develop and maintain responsible working practices and attitudes towards the environment and at the same time remain compatible with their customers' values? Dan Germaine, Co-Founder and Brand Guardian at innocent, speaks to Paul Baines about how to ensure his company retains sustainability credentials whilst also remaining financially viable.