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Baines, Fill, & Rosengren: Marketing 4e

Chapter 11: Research insights (seminal paper links)

  • Research Insight 11.1

    Dahlen, M. and Rosengren, S. (2016) If advertising won’t die, what will it be? Towards a new definition of advertising, Journal of Advertising, 45(3).

  • Research Insight 11.2

    Dahl, D.W., Frankenberger, K.D. and Manchanda, R.V. (2003) Does it pay to shock? Reactions to shocking and nonshocking advertising content among university students, Journal of Advertising Research, 43, 3, (September), 268–81.

  • Research Insight 11.3

    Levy, S. and Gvili, Y. (2015) How Credible is E-Word of Mouth Across Digital-Marketing Channels? Journal of Advertising Research, 55, 1, March, 95-109.

  • Research Insight 11.4

    Athanasopoulou, P. and Sarli, E. (2015) The development of new sponsorship deals as new business-to-business services,  Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 30, 5, 552–61.

  • Research Insight 11.5

    Ots, M. and Nyilasy, G. (2015) Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): Why Does It Fail? Journal of Advertising Research, 55, 2, (June), 132-45.