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Baines, Fill, & Rosengren: Marketing 4e

Chapter 8: Research insights (seminal paper links)

  • Research Insight 8.1

    Hise, R.T.; O'Neal, L.; Parasuraman, A.; and McNeal, J.U. (1990). Marketing/R&D interaction in new product development: implications for new product success rates. Journal of Product Innovation Management7(2), 142-55.

  • Research Insight 8.2

    Vargo, S.L. and Lusch, R.F. (2004), ‘Evolving to a new dominant logic for marketing’, Journal of Marketing, 68, 1 (January), 1–17.

  • Research Insight 8.3

    Edvardsson, B.; Kristensson, P.; Magnusson, P. and Sundström, E. (2012). Customer integration within service development—A review of methods and an analysis of insitu and exsitu contributions. Technovation32(7), 419-29.

  • Research Insight 8.4

    Peres, R.; Muller, E. and Mahajan, V. (2010). Innovation diffusion and new product growth models: A critical review and research directions. International Journal of Research in Marketing27(2), 91-106.