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Baines, Fill, & Rosengren: Marketing 4e

Chapter 7: Research insights (seminal paper links)

  • Research Insight 7.1

    Chetty, S. and Campbell-Hunt, C. (2004). A strategic approach to internationalization: a traditional versus a “born-global” approach. Journal of International Marketing, 12(1), 57-81.

  • Research Insight 7.2

    Zou, S. and Cavusgil, S.T. (2002). The GMS: A broad conceptualization of global marketing strategy performance and its effect on firm performance. Journal of Marketing, 66 (October), 40-56.

  • Research Insight 7.3

    Levitt, T. (1983) ‘Globalisation of markets’, Harvard Business Review, May–June, 92–102.

  • Research Insight 7.4

    Hofstede, G. (1983). The cultural relativity of organizational practices and theories. Journal of International Business Studies, 14(2), 75-89.