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Baines, Fill, & Rosengren: Marketing 4e

Chapter 11: Multiple choice questions


Answer the following questions and then press 'Submit' to get your score.

Question 1

This form of marketing communications tool was once formally referred to as a 'non-personal form of communication, where a clearly identifiable sponsor pays for a message to be transmitted through media. This is referred to as:

Question 2

____________ is very effective at delivering messages to target audiences as it allows for explanation in a way that most other media cannot.

Question 3

The use of entertainment material delivered through paid or owned media and which features a single company or brand is referred to as:.

Question 4

Although the content and quality can be controlled as direct mail, response rates of this medium are lower because of the lack of a personal address mechanism. This media format is known as:

Question 5

Users are able to create content and become more involved with a brand through:

Question 6

A commercial activity, whereby one party permits another an opportunity to exploit an association with a target audience in return for funds, services, or resources is referred to as:

Question 7

This is a marketing communication tool that uses non-personal media to create and sustain a personal and intermediary free communication with customers, potential customers, and other significant stakeholders:

Question 8

This includes advertisements that contain 'call-to-response' mechanisms such as telephone numbers, website addresses, email and postal addresses:

Question 9

These are events when groups of sellers meet collectively with the key purpose of attracting buyers:

Question 10

This is a marketing communications activity concerned with providing support for the sales force and merchandising personnel:

Question 11

For a long time commercial media have been used to convey messages designed to develop consumers' attitudes and feelings towards brands. This is referred to as:

Question 12

POEM reflects the increasing scope of contemporary media and the range of media opportunities to engage audiences. What does POEM stand for?

Question 13

____________ is also a form of sponsorship and represents a relationship between film/TV producers and managers of brands. Through this arrangement, brand managers are able, for a fee, to present their brands 'naturally' within a film or entertainment event. Such placement is designed to increase brand awareness, develop positive brand attitudes, and possibly lead to purchase activity.

Question 14

This marketing and communication tool offers a direct inducement or an incentive to encourage customers to buy a product/service:

Question 15

This is the use of inter-personal communications with the aim of developing positive feelings and stimulating behaviour.

Question 16

________________is used to influence the way an organization is perceived by various groups of stakeholders.

Question 17

This is the unpaid peer-to-peer communication of often provocative content originating from an identified sponsor using the Internet to persuade or influence an audience to pass along the content to others:

Question 18

A means of orchestrating the tools of the marketing communications mix, so that audiences perceive a single, consistent, unified message whenever they have contact with a brand, is referred to as:

Question 19

What type of media helps advertisers demonstrate the benefits of using a particular product and can bring life and energy to an advertiser's message?

Question 20

What type of media has the primary objective to get the attention of shoppers and to stimulate them to make a purchase? (Examples include point-of-purchase displays and packaging.)