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Baines, Fill, & Rosengren: Marketing 4e

Chapter 3: Multiple choice questions


Answer the following questions and then press 'Submit' to get your score.

Question 1

Marketing research:

Question 2

Marketing research, by presenting pertinent information in a useful format:

Question 3

A marketing research firm contracts with clients to conduct a complete marketing research project from data collection, analysis and reporting. It is a__________ firm.

Question 4

Marketers usually decide whether to conduct marketing research study internally or through an outside organization based on certain criteria. Which of the following criterion is not used?

Question 5

Market testing studies use __________ to carry out controlled experiments in specific country regions, where specific adverts can be shown, before exposing the 'new feature' (offering, campaign, distribution, etc.) to a full national or even international launch.

Question 6

Once the agency has discussed the brief with the client, the agency provides a detailed outline of how they intend to investigate the problem. This document is called the ____________:

Question 7

Second-hand data, collected for someone else's purposes, is known as____________:

Question 8

When little is known about the problem, research seeking to discover the cause of a problem by discussing the problem with informed sources and examining pre-existing data is undertaken. This type of research is:

Question 9

Which of the following is not one of the categories of research design?

Question 10

Which technique is used to collect data that has been previously collected for a purpose other than the current research situation?

Question 11

The information obtained through marketing research, competitive intelligence, and internal sources are typically integrated into a ___________.

Question 12

Information collected for the first time specifically for a marketing research study is called:

Question 13

Secondary data has two important advantages over primary data. It is:

Question 14

Primary data are:

Question 15

______________ uses experimental research designs using convenience sampling methods and statistical data analysis procedures.

Question 16

A probability sample constructed so that randomly selected sub-samples of different groups are represented in the total sample is called a:

Question 17

Types of non-random samples include:

Question 18

What is the term used to describe how consistent or stable the ratings generated by a scale are?

Question 19

The use of the researcher's or an expert's subjective judgement to determine whether an instrument is measuring what it is designed to measure is referred to as:

Question 20

Which type of research methods are designed to elicit responses to predetermined, standardized questions from a large number of respondents?