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Baines, Fill, & Rosengren: Marketing 4e

Chapter 1: Multiple choice questions


Answer the following questions and then press 'Submit' to get your score.

Question 1

Which of the following statements is correct?

Question 2

The term marketing refers to:

Question 3

In the history of marketing, when did the production period end?

Question 4

A marketing philosophy summarized by the phrase 'a stronger focus on social and ethical concerns in marketing' is characteristic of the _________ period.

Question 5

According to Leone and Shultz (1980), the law-like generalization 1 explains that ___________ has a direct and positive influence on total industry (market) sales.

Question 6

An organization with a ______ orientation assumes that customers will resist purchasing products not deemed essential. The job of marketers is to overcome this resistance through personal selling and advertising.

Question 7

In relationship marketing firms focus on __________ relationships with __________.

Question 8

Marketing period, 1950s-1980s-characterized by a more advanced focus on the ___________.

Question 9

Joint creation of value, in which customers take part in an active dialogue and co-construct personalized experiences, is referred to as:

Question 10

According to the British Government, which of the following is not a marketing function?

Question 11

Which of the following is not an element of the marketing mix?

Question 12

The term 'marketing mix' describes:

Question 13

Newsletters, catalogues, and invitations to organization-sponsored events are most closely associated with the marketing mix activity of:

Question 14

The way in which the product is delivered to meet the customers' needs refers to:

Question 15

The ______________is concerned with ideas of the 'marketing mix' and the 4Ps:

Question 16

In public sector markets, the ____________ is bound by strict legal guidelines for contracts valued over a set amount.

Question 17

The ____________ delivers to us a wide array of offerings, either directly or indirectly, through business markets, to serve our wants and needs.

Question 18

A market orientation recognizes that:

Question 19

Four competing philosophies strongly influence the role of marketing and marketing activities within an organization. Which if the following is not a component of market orientation?

Question 20

In order for exchange to occur: