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Slater, Scott & Fowler: Plant Biotechnology 2e

Case study 02

Glyphosate resistant wheat

You are a research project leader in a multinational agrochemical company that has recently purchased a seed company arm and is interested in producing glyphosate-based herbicides and glyphosate resistant plants. The move into this very lucrative area has been initiated due to the fact that Monsanto's patent on the RoundupTM herbicide lapsed in 2000. You have been given the task of designing a strategy for the production of glyphosate tolerant wheat. The contents of the report are at your discretion but it should include a description of the resistance mechanism and the pathways involved, the source of any genes you will use, a detailed description of the scheme that will be used for introducing the genes into transformation vectors and how these constructs will be tested. You should identify the method of transformation you will use and how you will select and analyse any derived plants. Unless directly relevant to specific gene isolation or analytical procedures, it is not necessary to include details of standard molecular or tissue culture techniques. Management also wish you to consider briefly the economic, legal, environmental and political issues for the company that this move into herbicide resistant plants is likely to bring about.