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Elliott & Elliott: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 4e

Hyperlinked bibliography

Click on the links below to view the references from the book with active links to online journal articles, where available. Please note that some of the sites you will be directed to may require a username and password to access the full text online article.

  • Chapter 01

    The basic molecular themes of life

  • Chapter 02

    Cells and viruses

  • Chapter 03

    Energy considerations in biochemistry

  • Chapter 04

    The structure of proteins

  • Chapter 05

    Methods in protein investigation

  • Chapter 06


  • Chapter 07

    The cell membrane and membrane proteins

  • Chapter 08

    Muscle contraction, the cytoskeleton, and molecular motors

  • Chapter 09

    Food digestion, absorption, distribution to the tissues, and appetite control

  • Chapter 10

    Mechanisms of transport, storage, and mobilization of dietary components

  • Chapter 12

    Glycolysis, the citric acid cycle, and the electron transport system

  • Chapter 13

    Energy release from fat

  • Chapter 14

    Synthesis of fat and related compounds

  • Chapter 15

    Synthesis of glucose (gluconeogenesis)

  • Chapter 16

    Strategies for metabolic control and their application to carbohydrate and fat metabolism

  • Chapter 17

    Why should there be an alternative pathway of glucose oxidation? The pentose phosphate pathway

  • Chapter 18

    Raising electrons of water back up the energy scale - photosynthesis

  • Chapter 19

    Amino acid metabolism

  • Chapter 20

    Nucleotide synthesis and metabolism

  • Chapter 21

    The genome

  • Chapter 22

    DNA synthesis, repair, and recombination

  • Chapter 23

    Gene transcription and control

  • Chapter 24

    Protein synthesis and controlled protein breakdown

  • Chapter 25

    The RNA world - RNA microgenes and RNA interference

  • Chapter 26

    Protein sorting and delivery

  • Chapter 27

    Cell signalling

  • Chapter 28

    Manipulating DNA and genes

  • Chapter 29

    Special topics: blood clotting, xenobiotic metabolism, reactive oxygen species

  • Chapter 30

    The immune system

  • Chapter 31

    The cell cycle and its control

  • Chapter 32


  • Chapter 33