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Divan & Royds: Tools & Techniques in Biomolecular Science

Chapter 2: Multiple Choice Questions


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Question 1

What would be the effect on the PCR reaction if any of the following circumstances arose: 1) there are no primers in the reaction, 2) there are no dNTPs in the reaction, 3) there is no Taq polymerase in the reaction?

Question 2

What would the generally expected effect on the PCR reaction be of adjustments that increase the temperature of the annealing phase and the length of the elongation phase?

Question 3

In principle, what outcome would be least expected in a failure to separate pre-PCR and post-PCR activities?

Question 4

What outcome would you least expect if the amount of template in a multiplex PCR fell significantly below the optimal amount?

Question 5

What would the expected effect be on a PCR reaction if the primers used were slightly shorter and more variable than the intended oligonucleotide sequences?