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Grafen & Hails: Modern Statistics for the Life Sciences

22.07.04 Katharina Gallizzi

22.07.04 Katharina Gallizzi
Chapter 11, page 212

Q: I think that there is an error in Box 11.1(a). You indicate that the variables YEAR and WEIGHT are categorical. However, I only get the same results as in the box, if I treat the variables as continuous. This would also be more consistent with Box 11.1(b) where the variables are indicated to be continuous.

A: Katharina is quite right in pointing out the error in Box 11.1(a). The variables YEAR and WEIGHT are continuous, not categorical, and indeed you will only get the same output as presented in the text by treating them as continuous. This is a typo that escaped our notice in the first print run. A list of such errata can be downloaded from the Online Resource Centre.