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Grafen & Hails: Modern Statistics for the Life Sciences

31.03.04 Roger Jones

31.03.04 Roger Jones
Chapter 06, page 105-6

Q:Why is ln(BAC2) plotted vertically in Fig 6.5 when it is BAC2 that is analysed in Box 6.6?

A: We have been inconsistent with the labels on our graphs — sometimes we use the variable names from the datasets, which are constrained in length (in this case BAC2 and DAY2 to distinguish them from BAC and DAY in an earlier dataset of the same chapter), and sometimes we use the full name (e.g. ln(bacterial densities)). We seem to have used a hybrid in this case — ln(bacterial densities2)! To avoid confusion, the Y axis should be labeled BAC2 and the x axis DAY2.