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Stearns & Hoekstra: Evolution 2e


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Chapter 01

Chapter 02
      Adaptive evolution

Chapter 03
      Neutral evolution

Chapter 04
      The genetic impact of selection on populations

Chapter 05
      The origin and maintenance of genetic variation

Chapter 06
      The importance of development in evolution

Chapter 07
      The expression of variation

Chapter 08
      The evolution of sex

Chapter 09
      Genomic conflict

Chapter 10
      Life histories and sex allocation

Chapter 11
      Sexual selection

Chapter 12

Chapter 13
      Phylogeny and systematics

Chapters 14 & 15
      Comparative methods: trees, maps, and traits
      Key events in evolution

Chapters 16 & 17
      Major events in the geological theatre
      The fossil record and life's history

Chapters 18 & 19
      Human evolution and evolutionary medicine