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Stearns & Hoekstra: Evolution 2e

Chapter 19


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Question 01

The Genus Homo is at least how old?

Question 02

For most of its history, our species existed in:

Question 03

If an allele is more common in a modern human population than one would expect based on its current fitness, what explanation do medical geneticists often suggest and investigate?

Question 04

The O blood group (in the ABO system) is associated with susceptibility to:

Question 05

By what method does the sickle-cell allele reduce susceptibility to malaria?

Question 06

Genes now associated with allergies and asthma appear to have previously helped protect us from:

Question 07

Which of the following statements is correct?

Question 08

The probability that cancer will arise in a given tissue is related to:

Question 09

Which of the following is not an auto-immune disease?

Question 10

Which statement about the evolution of virulence is correct?

Question 11

How is meningitis - a disease of the membranes surrounding the brain - like cancer?

Question 12

Which of the following is good evidence that a gene has been undergoing adaptive evolution recently in response to a co-evolutionary interaction?

Question 13

The fact that some pathogenic bacteria have higher mutation rates in the parts of their genomes that interact with their hosts shows that:

Question 14

Which of the following hypotheses for the evolution of menopause explains it as a byproduct of selection for something else?

Question 15

Because oocytic atresia and spontaneous abortions destroy a huge number of germ cells and zygotes, we can conclude that:

Question 16

If humans are capable of choosing mates based in part on their potential to produce children with healthy immune systems, then what one thing can we conclude?

Question 17

The best way to select for antibiotic resistance is to confront the bacterial population with:

Question 18

The field that most directly and impressively demonstrates that humans are material beings subject to the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology is: