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Stearns & Hoekstra: Evolution 2e

Chapter 11


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Question 01

What is sexual selection?

Question 02

What are the two major types of processes involved in sexual selection?

Question 03

Which of the following is not a cause of sexual dimorphism?

Question 04

Which of the following is not a general reason for choosing a mate?

Question 05

A species with mating types is, from the genetic point of view, like:

Question 06

Males and females are defined by what?

Question 07

Which of the following is not true?

Question 08

Which of the following traits are consequences of sexual selection mediated by competition among males for mates?

Question 09

Which mate choice criterion is easiest to observe in action?

Question 10

To demonstrate that females are choosing males based on their possession of genes for disease resistance, which of the following do you not have to demonstrate?

Question 11

Which of the following do we not know about extra-pair copulations in blue tits?

Question 12

To measure the co-inheritance of a female preference with a male trait, what should we concentrate on?

Question 13

Why do male tungara frogs pitch their chucks at a certain frequency?

Question 14

What does Bateman's principle state?

Question 15

The greatest difference between the sexes in potential reproductive rate occurs when females are:

Question 16

Which of the following is not correct?

Question 17

What critierion can be used to measure selection for pollen in plants?

Question 18

The reasons suggested for anisogamy do not include which of the following ideas?

Question 19

Bateman's principle is reversed - females having more matings per lifetime than males - in which of the following species?

Question 20

The Fisherian runaway process probablystarted with females choosing: