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Stearns & Hoekstra: Evolution 2e

Chapter 07


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Question 01

Which statement is true about species which possess a nymphalid ground plan of butterfly wings?

Question 02

If organisms grow by molting and have a threshold size at which they mature, they will:

Question 03

Which general points are well illustrated by induced responses to predators?

Question 04

A reaction norm is a property of which of the following?

Question 05

The sensitivity of the development of a trait to changes in the environment is expressed by:

Question 06

When can a population respond to selection for greater sensitivity to changes in an environmental factor?

Question 07

To see how phenotypic plasticity can change genetic correlations across environments, we plot:

Question 08

If there is genetic variation for slopes of reaction norms, then:

Question 09

Reaction norm analysis demonstrates that:

Question 10

The location of spots on butterfly wings is associated with the expression of which gene?

Question 11

Butterfly eyespots are determined by deeply conserved developmental control genes. Which of the following statements is correct about deeply conserved developmental control genes?

Question 12

Because distalless is a strongly conserved developmental control gene, it:

Question 13

A plant cell detects whether it is in light or shade by detecting:

Question 14

When a plantain leaf detects that it is growing in the shade, it becomes:

Question 15

Why do the ciliates in the Tetrahymena pyriformis species complex all look so similar that we cannot tell them apart under a powerful microscope?