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Stearns & Hoekstra: Evolution 2e

Chapter 03


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Question 01

The difference between two genetic variants is neutral with respect to fitness only if:

Question 02

Evolutionary change can be repeatable at the phenotypic level, but never at the genotypic level. True or false?

Question 03

Synonymous nucleotide substitutions (those that do not change the coded amino acid) are always neutral. True or false?

Question 04

Pseudogenes are:

Question 05

Differences in amino acid sequence between two proteins cannot be neutral. True or false?

Question 06

What are possible evolutionary consequences of neutral genetic variation?

Question 07

The system of genetic transmission itself cannot cause random genetic drift.

Question 08

What is the relationship between genetic drift and population size?

Question 09

The evolutionary changes in the amino acid sequence of proteins and in the underlying DNA sequence in all lines of descent from a common ancestor are characterized by:

Question 10

Different proteins have different rates of evolutionary change. True or false?

Question 11

Founder effects may be responsible for the evolution of genetic diseases. True or false?

Question 12

A genetic bottleneck refers to which one of the following situations?

Question 13

What is the gene-pool model of genetic drift?

Question 14

What is 'species drift'?

Question 15

The neutral theory of evolution claims that: