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Beeby & Brennan: First Ecology - Ecological Principles and Environmental Issues 3e


First Ecology was written to include several recurring themes, to allow us to develop some topics in depth and in different contexts. We hope that a familiarity with these ideas, and our chosen examples, will enable a fuller understanding of their ecology. 'Routes', identifies these themes and points to where they recur in the book.

Pulling information together is an important skill in science. In this way we can begin to evaluate and assess the key elements of a problem. For example, how damaging is their pollution burden to the population growth of polar bears? Are other environmental pressures more significant in their decline? We invariably need to review the evidence from various sources to make such judgements.

Each key theme is listed below. Click on a theme's title to see a short description and details of the relevant sections or boxes in the book where the theme recurs. Each of these 'Routes' through the book is presented as a sequence that follows the most logical development of the material and not necessarily the order in which it appears in the book.

One or more case studies, which might be used for an extended essay or presentation, are also suggested for each theme.