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Beeby & Beeby: Thrive in Ecology and Evolution

Skeletal notes

Each of the chapters of the book is presented here as an edited and abbreviated version, available for you to download and use as a template to build a set of revision notes. Download the chapters you require and begin to work with them when your course starts.

These notes set out the main ideas and the cross-references to other sections of the book. Much of the detail is missing. All of the text boxes ? (Key Techniques, Make the Connection, etc) are omitted as are all of the figures and tables. However, you can choose to add the figures by downloading these from the web site; relevant figures are noted at appropriate places throughout these notes.

Edit these notes to match your course, to produce a customized version. Include detail from the textbooks and papers that you read and perhaps coursework essays and exercises.

We suggest you develop these by adding examples and case studies, as well as a commentary on your reading around the subject. See them as a 'scratch-pad' ? annotated with your ideas and questions as your course progresses, perhaps as a prompt for discussion at tutorials. Review them frequently, aiming to finish with revision notes in which you have high confidence.

  • Chapter 1 (DOC, Size: 191KB)
    • Fundamentals of ecology
  • Chapter 2 (DOC, Size: 203KB)
    • Evolution by natural selection
  • Chapter 3 (DOC, Size: 241KB)
    • The evolving population
  • Chapter 4 (DOC, Size: 182KB)
    • The ecology of the species
  • Chapter 5 (DOC, Size: 208KB)
    • Interactions between species
  • Chapter 6 (DOC, Size: 191KB)
    • The ecology of the community
  • Chapter 7 (DOC, Size: 191KB)
    • The ecology of the ecosystem
  • Chapter 8 (DOC, Size: 199KB)
    • The ecology of the earth