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Beeby & Beeby: Thrive in Ecology and Evolution

Additional exercises

A variety of short-answer, calculation and other types of questions are included here to supplement the exam-style questions presented in the book. These have been chosen to test your understanding of the ideas, rather than just practising your essay-writing technique.

(Such writing skills are beyond the scope of this book but are essential to express your ideas properly and score highly in examinations. Many programmes offer additional support to develop general writing and numeracy skills. You need to decide early in you course whether you would benefit from this help).

These exercises should be useful for enhancing your understanding of some of the key concepts ? they can all be attempted using information given in the book and do not require detailed knowledge of any particular species, community or ecosystem.

The model answers will often extend the information given in the book, so we encourage you to attempt these and then look closely at the response provided.

Hopefully the calculations will demonstrate how easily you can score high marks if you complete an exercise accurately.